This Week in Kickstarter Comics (6/7/21)

 You can never have enough revenge or horror stories. Check out these two Kickstarter campaigns for This Week in Kickstarter Comics. 

Popscars by Pat O’Malley

A Tarantino-style revenge story like Kill Bill, set in Hollywood.

Popscars is a gritty Hollywood revenge story about Pinky, who is planning on killing famous horror movie producer, Harry Kinkade, who just so happens to be her dad. Can she rid the world of this dirtbag once and for all, or will she be just another failed Hollywood dream?

Dead Beats 2: London Calling by Tyler & Wendy Chin-Tanner

A Musical Horror Anthology

Dead Beats 2: London Calling is a 160-page full-color anthology of music-themed horror comics centered around the curiosities for sale at one peculiar record store managed by the enigmatic Shoppe Keeper. This time around, you're just in time for the grand opening of Dead Beats' new London location. Our original editors, Joe Corallo and Eric Palicki, are back for more Dead Beats, featuring over twenty new comics stories and more than forty creators. 



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