This Week in Kickstarter Comics (5/31/21)

Whether you're looking for help making comics or just want to dive into a vampire saga, Kickstarter is the place to be this week. 

Filth & Grammar by Shelly Bond – launching 6/03

The comic book editor's secret handbook.

Award-winning Editor Shelly Bond has been throwing red ink at comic book writers, artists, letterers, colorists, and logo designers for over three decades. Filth & Grammar is her magnum opus, a step-by-step guide to making comic books from cover to cover. It's the first time Bond reveals the alchemy and method to her editorial madness. With art from Laura Hole, Imogen Mangle & Sofie Dodgson.

Alex Priest: Vampire Hunter by Jordaan Arledge

220+ pages of vampires, murder, magic, saving the world from monsters, and somehow winning back the ex.

Alex Priest is a comic about family. It's a story about doing what's right and learning from past mistakes. A story about trusting yourself. It's a story about true love. And vampires. Alex Priest is a comic about a lot of vampires.



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