REVIEW: 'One Last Job' #1 by Aaron Dowen and Daniel Jimeno

 There is never 'One Last Job' especially in the spy game but Thomas Clayborne is going to try. The stellar agent is looking to retire for his health and his family but will he be allowed to?

'One Last Job' #1

Writer: Aaron Dowen
Artist: Daniel Jimeno
Publisher: Catalyst Comics
Funded by Kickstarter

Thomas Clayborne is fast-tracking his own retirement. As one of the most gifted secret agents in the field, he has seen enough bloodshed to haunt him for the rest of his life. To make matters worse, he is starting to have heart issues, which keeps a strain on his work and marriage. 

Taking it as a sign to move on, he decides to wisp his wife away to begin their new life in the middle of nowhere. The problem is, when you are as talented at your job as Thomas is, there always seems to be One Last Job. 

Welcome to a story of espionage and deception; where sometimes the easiest way out ends up pulling you deeper in. Nothing is as it seems in this explosive thriller that promises to keep you tied deep into its own twisted web of mystery.


★★★★☆ (4/5)

Spy comics are some of most enjoyable stories in comics. The intrigue, the fight scenes, the stakes, the over-the-top villains, you name it, the spy genre has all the action you want. It's also easy to screw up if you don't develop a leading character to invest in. Whether it's James Bond, Jason Bourne, or Atomic Blonde, you need someone to root for, even if that person is an anti-hero. 

In 'One Last Job,' Aaron Dowen's Thomas Clayborne is a top agent but the job is taking a toll on his health so he's about to retire after, you guessed it, one last job. He's got nerves of steel, a master of disguise, and seemingly without fear. Yet, he's ready to escape the spy game and enjoy his life with the woman he loves. It all seems like a happy ending. I mean what could go wrong?

Clayborne would seem like a rarity in fiction for a spy to retire and live happily ever after. Not to worry, things do go awry but it is refreshing to see a special agent with the wherewithal to prioritize his own health and his relationship. That would seem like the right to do and so Clayborne is easily a guy you can root for. Of course, it's never that easy and the powers that be make sure he's not going anywhere. 

Every spy thriller is judged by its action sequences and 'One Last Job' has an impressive one because of artist Daniel Jimeno. The black and white comic offers some visceral and brutal gun fights that bring to mind John Wick. They're well choreographed with some creative transitions from panel to panel. It's the highlight of the issue. 

'One Last Job' #1 was funded through Kickstarter and those backers will be greatly rewarded with an exciting action-packed thriller. It'll be publicly released in June and if you can get your hands on it I would highly recommend it. Indie comics requires passionate creators willing to lay everything on the line especially through crowdfunding. 'One Last Job' #1 embodies the passion of its creators delivering an intriguing, hard-boiled, explosive thriller that spy genre fans will enjoy.  



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