This Week in Kickstarter Comics (5/24/21)

Few stories are as comforting as a good old fashioned revenge story. It's comfort food for your twisted soul. Brain Pulido's 'La Muerte' Kickstarter is just the comic you're looking for. If supernatural superheroes is more you thing then 'Haunting / Like Father, Like Daughter' crossover by Kat Calamia and Phil Falco is just the magical ride you want. Check this week's Kickstarter highlights. 

La Muerta #1: Onslaught by Brian Pulido

Official “Deathocalypse" tie-in! Guest appearance by Lady Death!

La Muerta is the story of Maria Diaz, a US soldier returning from a tour of duty in Afghanistan to be reunited with her family on Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican Day of the Dead. Unfortunately, her brother has fallen in with the Zavalas, a death-worshipping crime cartel led by the nefarious Mama Z. When the Zavalas see Maria’s family celebrating, they believe they’ve been ripped off. Her entire family is murdered in cold blood. Now Maria stalks the streets as La Muerta, seeking vengeance against the criminal underworld. 

Haunting / Like Father, Like Daughter crossover by Kat Calamia and Phil Falco launching 5/24

Zombies, ghosts, and powers: Superheroes meet the Supernatural in this 44-page crossover.

Bram is a bratty teenager who just wants to be left alone. Too bad wherever he goes, the dead rise! Casey is a high school student whose father abandoned her to become a full-time superhero. She's finally forced to grapple with her complicated feelings towards him when she inherits his superpowers! In this new crossover, their worlds collide!



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