This Week In Kickstarter Comics (5/10/21)

Tired of the comic book offerings from the Big Two publishers? Looking for something unique, creative, and made by passionate independent creators? Then this list of new Kickstarter campaigns is for you! Compiled by Oriana Leckert, Director of Publishing and Comics Outreach at Kickstarter, this Weekly Comics Tipsheet offers the latest campaigns about to launch. Be the first to support these amazing projects. 

Week of May 10th

The Deadliest Bouquet by Erica Schultz – launching 5/11

Twitter: @EricaSchultz42, @CarolaBorelli, @GabContrerasR, @jamesbemmett, @kevinwada

A new 120 page full-color original graphic novel by Ringo Award–nominated writer Erica Schultz, interior artist Carola Borelli, colorist Gab Contreras, and editor James Emmett, with a fabulous cover by Kevin Wada.

In 1998, three estranged sisters trained by their Nazi-hunting mother come together to solve their mom's murder…and try not to kill each other in the process. The Deadliest Bouquet explores the relationships these sisters have with each other and their complicated bond with their mother. This is a family of secrets…and they're all about to be laid bare.

The Lost Sunday by Ileana Surducan – launching 5/11

A fairy tale comic book about burnout.

In an enchanted world, the best day of the week is missing. Legend says an evil witch stole it – but Nina is determined to find it! The Lost Sunday is a comic book about working too much, told through stories and inspiration from old folklore, myths and tales. In English and Romanian.

Art & Biro by Francisco Briseño

A comic about friendship and brotherhood

Art and Biro is a story about two friends, a raccoon and a fox, who meet each other at just the right time of their lives, in a universe where animals, furries and humans are living together. In addition to the original comic, there will be bonus material, including an epilogue. I will also talk about the background of the story, my inspiration behind these characters, and share some wonderful art by artists who took time to draw my little fellas.

Astounding Space Thrills by Steve Conley

A campaign to bring classic sci-fi webcomics to print for the very first time!

Astounding Space Thrills Returns!

The ongoing Kickstarter campaign to bring the acclaimed sci-fi webcomic to the 21st Century was funded in one hour!


Steve Conley’s Astounding Space Thrills webcomic made its debut online in 1998. The series, which ran for ~500 episodes, received a number of honors including:

• 2000 Eagle Award for “Favourite Web-Based Comic”

• 1999 Eisner Award nomination “Talent Deserving Wider Recognition”

• 1999 Squiddy Award for “Best Webcomic”

• 1998 Don Thompson Award for “Favorite New Series”


Two of those awards are from Compuserve and That’s how long ago we’re talking about. :) 


While a number of Astounding Space Thrills comic books were self-published and four were published by Image Comics, these award-winning webcomics have never been in print. This new Kickstarter campaign aims to fix that.


This first hardbound volume will be 40+ pages and collect the remastered first storyline “Undersea Menace From The Year 3200.”  If the campaign is successful, Steve plans additional volumes collecting the next two storylines “Space Quakes,” and “The Faberge Omelet.” These beautifully-produced hardcover books will be signed and just $25 each.


This campaign follows Steve’s successful crowdfunded collections of his current webcomic project The Middle Age.

A Howl by Elizabeth LaPensée

A comics collection of wolves, werewolves, and rougarou

From unbridled werewolves to werewolves from outer space, these unique comics are gathered together for the mature reader. Your support brings together writers and illustrators for a myriad of comics and splash art, from Native Realities Press.

The Monkey King by Jerry Ma

Twitter: @epicprops

The tale of the Monkey King has been cherished for generations, but it has never been told like this.

New York is falling apart. The Empress of Chinatown has turned her back on the city. Tripitaka the monk must locate Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy to help her make the journey west to San Francisco in hopes of finding enlightenment, to then go back and save New York from itself! 

Let Me Out by Emmett Nahil

Twitter: @_emnays 

An unapologetically queer graphic novel that takes on classic horror tropes, and turns them on their head. 

A group of four punk friends, an occult murder, a shadowy government agency, and Satan. What could possibly go wrong? As a satanic conspiracy involving secret government bureaus and blood rituals unravels, things take a turn for the hellish... literally.

Monkeys Fighting Robots: The Magazine by Matthew Sardo

Twitter: @monkeys_robots



The "drunken love child of Rolling Stone and MAD Magazine" is back, and this time around, our focus is on CARTOONISTS.

Monkeys Fighting Robots: THE MAGAZINE is a combination of comics and articles about comics from an experienced team of writers and artists. In this issue we have articles lined up on Jack Kirby, Savage Dragon, Carl Barks, political cartoons, manga, and more, as well as a slew of reading recommendations and comics from some of our favorite rising star creators.



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