REVIEW: 'Shadowman' #2 by Cullen Bunn, Jon Davis-Hunt, and Jordie Bellaire

Shadowman and Baron Samedi ride into a dusty deserted ghost town where the Deathside has opened up shop and is ready to infiltrate earth. 


Written by CULLEN BUNN






Cover C Horror Movie Homage Variant by FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA

Preorder Cover by ANNIE WU

• The bone-chilling team of Cullen Bunn and Jon Davis-Hunt bring forth a terrifying tale in this can’t miss new chapter of Valiant’s hit horror series.

• The hellscape known as the Deadside has pried open a doorway to Earth in Enoch, Arizona! And our only chance at survival against the awakening desert beasts is SHADOWMAN.

ON SALE MAY 26 | 32 pgs, FC | $3.99 US | T+

★★★★☆ (4/5)

They say the heat in Arizona is tolerable because it's a "dry" heat but if we're honest it's still hot as hell. Which makes sense because there's an opening there for the hellish Deadside to leak into our world and Shadowman is on site to seal the doorway and send the demons back from once they came. 

After a neatly gruesome opening scene, Baron Samedi and Shadowman stroll the empty streets of a literal "ghost" town in Enoch, Arizona. Samedi waxes poetically about what is expected of Shadowman as the Deadside seeks to poke its ugly head into our world. Shadowman, like a supernatural Clint Eastwood, moseys down the middle of town pondering what evil stench fills the air amid a group of lost souls. It's almost a buddy road movie between the two figures, the Death and Shadow Loa,  partnering in this chapter. Samedi adds a fun counterpart for Shadowman to play off of despite the natural distrust he has of him. It also provides some context and exposition about what's at stake and what Shadowman has to do as the natural world is under attack. Shadowman really has his work cut out for him. 

This second issue as the first, seems to have a stand-alone story with an unnerving undertone that something menacing lies beneath these events. Cullen Bunn isn't tipping his hand of course, but he does want to let readers know, new and old, that something bigger is at play here so don't get comfortable. Which leads to the hideous boss at the end of this level that Shadowman has to face. 

Jon Davis-Hunt's versatility is on full display as he's able to create this downtrodden town that alternates from rundown to new again and back as Shadowman sees it in a sort of dreamlike sequence. But as horror fans we're really here for the monsters and Davis-Hunt's three-headed demon is as imposing and grotesque as you'd expect. The choreography of Shadowman wielding his signature sickle is bloody fun. Jordie Bellaire's colors pop just as the action does giving the events an extra oomph!

'Shadowman' is as focused and accessible as this Valiant title has ever been. Just Shadowman walking the earth and fighting evil wherever it may be. It's pretty straight forward and fun as hell. This is an exceptional horror adventure series that's terrifying in an exhilarating way with a cool leading man.   



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