PRE-ORDER: TKO Studios Launching YA Graphic Novels 'Djeliya' and 'Scales & Scoundrels: Book 1 & 2"

TKO Studios presents a debut YA graphic novel by brilliant new talent Juni Ba and the exciting return of a beloved all-ages comics series!

TKO Studios is thrilled to announce three new fantastic all-ages original graphic novels, available now for preorder. Be among the first to receive these awesome titles! Release date is officially July 6th, but if you purchase from TKO Studios we will ship to you a month earlier (June 1st).

DJELIYA is a gorgeous West African fantasy epic, the debut graphic novel of French-Senegalese creator Juni Ba.

And they're also celebrating the return of one of the most beloved comics series ever, SCALES & SCOUNDRELS: THE DEFINITIVE EDITIONS, Books 1 & 2, by Sebastian Girner and Galaad; the adventure continues with more than 250 pages of all original content!

Plus, if you preorder now, you'll receive an exclusive set of limited edition Djeliya and Scales & Scoundrels trading cards!

DJELIYA by Juni Ba

Inspired by West African folklore, Djeliya (pronounced ja-LEE-ah) is a fantasy epic tells the extraordinary tale of Prince Mansour and his royal storyteller Awa as they journey to reach the mysterious wizard Soumaoro, who guards a fearsome power that he once used to destroy the entire world. Funny, frenetic, with stunning artwork throughout, Djeliya is a remarkable debut graphic novel by the talented French-Senegalese creator Juni Ba. (Ages 13+)

SCALES & SCOUNDRELS, BOOK 1: Where Dragons Wander

and SCALES & SCOUNDRELS, BOOK 2: The Festival of Life

by Sebastian Girner and Galaad

“This is the story of a girl who liked to wander...”

TKO Studios celebrates the return of Scales & Scoundrels—one of the most beloved all-ages comics series ever—in new revised and expanded definitive editions. This gorgeous, multicultural fantasy adventure follows young treasure hunter Luvander in her search for gold and glory. Along with her companions—a prince, his stern bodyguard, and a plucky young dwarf—Lu dives into an epic journey and discovers a secret that will bring light to a world encroached upon by an ancient darkness. Book 1: Where Dragons Wander contains material previously collected in the Image Comics edition of Scales & Scoundrels Vol. 1 & 2, with completely reworked artwork. Lu’s adventure continues in Book 2: The Festival of Life, with more than 250 pages of original content. (Ages 8-13)

Djeliya and both volumes of Scales & Scoundrels publish on July 6th and are available for preorder now. Preordered titles will begin shipping on June 1st. Readers who preorder directly from the TKO Studios website will also receive an exclusive set of limited edition Djeliya and Scales & Scoundrels trading cards, while supplies last.

Courtesy of TKO Studios



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