PRE-ORDER: Happy Tank's 'Freak Show' is 'Mad Max' on a Frozen Wasteland

Nothing will prepare you for this chaotic roller coaster ride of mayhem from Happy Tank Comics. 'Freak Show' #1 is a wild story set in a frozen dystopian future that you can't afford to miss. Make sure to preorder with your local shop today.

"An explosive, chaotic, and violent ride..." -
Just a few of the many descriptors used to explain Happy Tank Comics' own post-apocalyptic thrill ride, Freak Snow.

Straight out of the maniacal minds of Happy Tank publisher's Kevin Roditeli and Rob Cannon, Freak Snow is an apocalyptic gun-slinging jaunt where complete chaos reigns supreme. Described as a frozen apocalyptic story in the spirit of Mad Max, Fallout, and Borderlands meets Tarantino.

Freak Snow #1 begins with Berny, a psychedelic addict surviving in a glacial wasteland. A fight with brutal gunslingers ensues and crazy hallucinations lead our weird hero on a quest to find the hole of truth... Yeah, a mystic hole that tells the truth. The only thing we can promise is: a lot of death!

Freak Snow #1 is available in-store May 26th, 2021. PRE-ORDER now from your local comic shop with the Previews Code MAR211143.

Courtesy of Happy Tank Comics



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