PREVIEW: 'Red Room' #2 by Ed Piskor

FUND THIS! 'Texas Horror' 64 Page Horror Comic Anthology that Focuses on All Things Texas

 Texas has long rich history of horror stories and Texas Horror hopes to continue this tradition with some amazing work from Texas Creators or stories set in Texas.

64 Page Horror Comic Anthology that focuses on Texas Creators, Texas Locations and Texas Themes. Mature Readers Only. US Shipping Only

Here is a list of the stories that are going to be in the First Issue!

 Demons in the Darkness Part 1 -

A story set in the 90s where high school losers summon their rage via a roleplaying game and it starts to kill their bullies.  Done in a similar style to a Jack Chick Tract

Written By David Doub

Art by Dominic Racho

Letters by Daniel Chan

Aerobicide - Blockbuster Night

Sometimes returning overdue video tapes can be Hell!

Written by David Doub

Art by Terry Parr

End World Escape

As strife tears the nation apart, one witch tries to go through darker realms to escape the nightmare.

Written by David Doub

Art by Diego Garza

Mask It or Casket

An anti-masking Sherriff and maniac start a bloody war over the masking debate.

Written by David Doub

Art by Miguel Ángel Hernández

Kitchen Witches

This story is about one unlucky lady who becomes possessed by an cursed cup of Ramen

Written and Art by Halo Toons



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