First Look at 'Ninjak' #1 by Jeff Parker and Javier Pulido (7-Page Preview)

  Valiant Entertainment's top superspy is stepping out of the shadows...

From Ringo Award-winning writer JEFF PARKER (Batman ’66, James Bond Origin, Thunderbolts) and visionary artist JAVIER PULIDO (The Amazing Spider-Man, Robin: Year One, She-Hulk), NINJAK #1 follows Colin King, aka NINJAK, as the secret operative is on the run after the identity of every MI6 agent is exposed. Now, Colin must embark on a global adventure to evade the deadly people who have him in their sights...

Check out the first seven pages from the upcoming series, below.

NINJAK #1 script by Jeff Parker; artwork by Javier Pulido; letters by Dave Sharpe

"Colin King now finds himself in a world without secrets, everything about his former employer MI6 becomes public knowledge, and there's no safe place on Earth," teases Jeff. "He's relying less on tech and more on wits and skill."

The acclaimed writer says Javier Pulido surpassed his expectations with every page. "Javier is a blast to work with because you can try to imagine where he's going to go with the script, but you're wrong and he's going to come up with something even more inventive." 

Jeff continued to praise Javier's work, explaining the artist's style is unlike anything else on the shelf. "He's giving the series a visual identity that will stand out and you won't forget it. One clever storytelling approach after another, he's brilliant."

"Senior Editor LYSA HAWKINS and Valiant have been encouraging, letting us go on our trippy action-packed journey so this doesn't feel like many other books on the stands," states the writer. "It's going to click with people who aren't expecting it."

NINJAK #1 by writer Jeff Parker, artist Javier Pulido, and letterer Dave Sharpe goes on sale July 14th, 2021, and features covers by David Nakayama, Caspar Wijngaard, Damion Scott, Ibrahim Moustafa, and Javier Pulido. The debut issue is available for preorder now at a comic shop near you. Check out The Hollywood Reporter's article for more quotes by Jeff Parker.

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