'Blackhand Ironhead Season 2' #1 By David López Available Now at Panel Syndicate

 What could be better than an exciting super-sized new chapter of David López's 'Blackhand Ironhead'? How about naming your own price for it. Check it out now at PanelSyndicate.com as well as other offerings for whatever you want to pay. Support good stuff!

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That's right! David López's comedy about family, with super heroes but not about super heroes is back with the first issue of its Second Season.

When last we left them, Alexia, the heroine, and Amy, the villain, sacrificed their father's corrupt foundation. But no good deed goes unpunished and now the presidential candidate wants their heads!

Don’t miss the new adventures of our favorite super powered sisters in this special 49 page first issue, including an exclusive look into David's sketchbook with character designs and more! Available now at panelsyndicate.com for whatever price you want to pay, including zero!

Courtesy of Panel Syndicate



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