All-Ages 'Claire's Hair' by Joe Kelly, Andie Desiderio, and Thomas Mauer is Available Now at Panel Syndicate - Name Your Price!

 It's not every day you get a quality kids picture book like 'Claire's Hair' from veteran writer Joe Kelly and artist Andie Desiderio at whatever price you want. This is an adorable story just waiting to be shared with kids about accepting our differences and how special that is. 

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Panel Syndicate is thrilled to welcome legendary writer Joe Kelly and amazing artist Andie Desiderio into its fold with the release of their all ages picture book, CLAIRE'S HAIR!

Yep, not really a comic book this time around but we promise it'l be worth your time... and money if you choose to, since our good old pay-what-you-want system is still the same!

Being an original is the best thing a kid can be.

Claire's hair has a life of its own, literally. Claire loves this wild and unique aspect of herself, but when everyone from her mom to the school bully tells her that different equals bad, Claire begins to have second thoughts about her unruly locks. Will she cut her hair to be "normal?" Or will Claire learn that the things that make us different are the things that make us special? 

Don’t miss this special 29 page Children's book, available now at for whatever price you want to pay, including zero!



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