FUND THIS! 'Sparrow' #1 A Superhero Legacy is Reborn

Welcome to the world of Sparrow!

SPARROW: A coming of age story starring Alaina Yuen, daughter of legendary heroes of the past

Kal Huset: This is the beginning of an epic universe of characters with deep lore and world building I've been developing since 2011. In Sparrow, we follow the story of an 18 year old high school senior, Alaina Yuen. Alaina is the daughter of legendary heroes Red Falcon and the Sentinel, founding members of a superhero team once known as the Knight Guard. When catastrophe struck, the team found themselves disbanded, the world no longer had heroes.  Present day, Alaina finds it increasingly difficult to obey her fathers wishes and ignore her legacy.  When a new threat comes to her city, Alaina finds herself in the middle of a dark mystery. She'll have to go at odds with her father as she becomes Sparrow and fights this new wave of villainy.  

 Thank you for checking out our page! Like I said before, I've been developing this universe since 2011! It's a huge passion project for me to bring this new take on superheroes to the world! SO, our kickstarter is going to printing and getting this book to you in a high quality, and paying for some awesome variant covers! I hope you all will come along on this journey with me to see how Alaina balances high school life,  crushing on the coolest girl in school, and continuing her parents legacy as... SPARROW!

Goals and stretch goals!

So, if we hit our initial goal, we're gonna be aiming for roughly 200 high quality printed copies of Sparrow! And commission some epic variant covers! We plan to print with Mixam, which I've heard wonderful things. And if we exceed our goal by enough, we want to add a bonus comic! A prequel adventure about RED FALCON, THE SENTINEL AND THE KNIGHT GUARD!  For now, here's a look at one of our variant covers from awesome artist @Cemiroz on twitter! And if we manage to double our goal or something crazy like that, production on Sparrow #2 will start immediately! 



So, I know superheroes is probably the least indie thing you could probably do, but it's one of my passions and missions to bring something new to the scene.  And I feel somewhat obligated to get this universe started, as I have been building it since 2011.  But this initial comic has gone through a whole lot of changes throughout the years! What was initially a pretty standard superhero story starring the Red Falcon has now evolved into a legacy story about the relationship between father and daughter. 

      See, in the last few years I became the father to three awesome kids. Two are adopted and recently we had our newest son.  I started thinking, would if Red Falcon had a child? Fatherhood had such a profound effect on me, I could only imagine if these epic heroes I created had children . So was born Alaina/Sparrow! Going through just as many designs and iterations to get to this point. Alaina is softly modeled around my daughter, sharing the same name even! When Alaina(my daughter) was born, she was months early and had to spend months in the NICU recovering. This little girl has overcame so much and is the strongest little girl I've ever met, she inspires me. And that's the kind of feelings I put into writing Sparrow and the kind of feeling and response I hope to evoke in others.



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