FUND THIS! 'Smoke Weed, See the Future' Graphic Novel by Pat Shand, Yishan Li, and Jenn St-Onge

 What if a vision of the future was just a puff, puff, pass away?

A carefree, San Diego-dwelling seer starts a business growing marijuana that gives smokers visions of the future.

Meet Taylor Hart. She was born a seer, which means that she can look at a person and see their future. All of her life, it's been both a gift and a curse. She wishes she could control it... but now, she's found a way to use her gift to help others.

While attempting to grow a strain of marijuana that could help her control her visions, she ended up creating a strain that helps regular people see what she sees.

The future.

SMOKE WEED, SEE THE FUTURE - interior artwork by Yishan Li

Now, Taylor starts a business helping people...

SMOKE WEED, SEE THE FUTURE is a 70+ page graphic novel written by me, PAT SHAND, writer/creator of Destiny NY & Snap Flash Hustle, illustrated by superstar artist YISHAN LI (Buffy, Hellboy, Swing, Sugar), with a bonus comic by comics legend JENN ST-ONGE, who also contributed an incredible variant cover.

Here's some of Yishan's gorgeous interior art for the book:

In addition to our main cover by the incredible Luisa Russo, we have a spicy, super limited variant cover by superstar artist Jenn St-Onge.



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