FUND THIS! 'Off Into The Sunset' Western Anthology Kickstarter

A collection of stories inspired by Westerns curated by Brentt Harshman.

Outlaws seeking redemption. Cowpolk seeking revenge. Horses. Everybody loves a good western, so let's give them a bunch to read.

Off Into The Sunset is a 120+ Page anthology curated by Brentt Harshman collecting stories inspired by westerns. Whether the story is a straight-up classic western or a spy story using narrative devices popularized by westerns, a western set on a distant planet, or a couple of disgraced knights trying to redeem their names, this anthology has got it all. The book is in full color, though some teams have opted to tell their stories in black and white feeling it fit their tone better.

Curated by Brentt Harshman, Off Into The Sunset features stories by today's hottest and freshest talent.

Harshman: We are seeking $20,000. Normally we'd just rob a train or a bank, but we're trying to find redemption. So, here we are, on Kickstarter. 

The budget will be put towards a page rate for the contributing teams, printing costs, shipping costs, taxes and fees, and a safety cushion in case we miscalculated anything. Anything leftover, or if we happen to exceed our goal, will go towards upping the page rate for the teams involved in these stories. 

Aside from a few stories offered by friends (sampled below), the book is still in production. The goal is to have the book ready for print by June. We aim to have the books shipped and into your hands by mid-July.

*I was going to make a cool genre video of me out in the desert, all western-feed...but I ran out of time so instead I made a quick trailer on iMovie

Risks and challenges

$20,000 is a lot, but I am confident that there is such a NEED for western genre comics that we will have no problem obtaining this goal.

Other than that, we have been slowly building and planning this campaign to make sure it ran as smoothly as something in the chaotic world of comics can run.

Concept art by Skylar Patridge for story with Brent Fisher and Liana Kangas

Concept and Character Art by Kenneth Laster

Snippet of a page by Randy Haldeman for his story with Mario Candelaria

 Art by Heather Vaughan for story with David Ashburn



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