FUND THIS! 'Explosion High' #1 by Charlie Etheridge-Nunn, Norrie Millar, and Faye Stacey

Join gods, aliens, sidekicks and a flying shark with robot arms as they navigate the highs and lows of a school run by a mad scientist! 

Young Justice and X-Men Evolution mixed with Venture Bros and Clone High! 

Mad Robot Comics presents: Explosion High #1 - three stories of superheroics and explosive academia! 

The Exploding Race (art by Norrie Millar, colours by Faye Stacey). 

The students are dropped onto the campus from a great height, only to have one final, challenge to get through before they’re officially enrolled in the school. Fun fact: The challenge involves dinosaurs!

This story features a flood of incredible, strange young heroes, but mainly stars Kid Armour Jr II (or just Kid), Mercury and Skyshark as they navigate the perilous wilds of the Explosion High jungle! 

Bad Guy (art & colours by Debora Lancianese). 

Trapped in a jungle filled with robots, dinosaurs and robot dinosaurs, Trouble and Knight Lite share secrets and meet some other students, but shhh… someone here’s a secret villain!

This story features Trouble and her faulty Mask of Mischief, Knight Lite and Dawn the Barbarian as they're separated from the rest of the students and running late to get to the finish line!

The Faulty Stars (art by Mike Armstrong, colours by Debora Lancianese). 

The survivors are all at the school now! Did I say survivors? Please ignore that. A new student arrives from space! Yes, space has things in it, and they’re alive! And they study things! Hopefully, or they’ll end up [REDACTED].

This story brings our whole cast together for the first time and wraps everything up the survivors enjoy a complimentary welcome buffet and a little bit of basketball!

Explosion High will be published by Mad Robot Comics - the company who brought you blob detectives, evil little girls travelling through time and psychotic seagulls! 

Our book is 23 pages of story (and room for a one page epilogue if we unlock a stretch goal!).

But wait... there's more!

Any physical backers will get an exclusive Explosion High sticker, and a physical print by the legendary Gustaffo Vargas!



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