'Tankers' #1 Preview: Bad Idea To Reward The First TANKERS #1 Customer At Every Store -- Teases Upcoming Secret Pin Redemption

How do you top top-ness? How do you re-conquer conquering? How do you follow up the most hotly anticipated debut in all of comics* history?

You call Robert Venditti.

And you say to the man all men are eventually judged against, "Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures, Rob. Can you meet the challenge?"

With a flick of his locks and a twinkle in his smile, the Silver Fox answers the only way he knows how, "You bet Jur-ass-i-can."

Thus, with one embryonic dinosaur pun, was born the insane baby of time travel, mech armor, tough-guy roughnecks, deep-seated grudges against prehistoric reptiles, ethically debased oil executives, and, the horrors of evolution run amok!

Ladies and gentlemen, from the deeply unsettling and sugar-dependent imaginations of New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti (Justice League), blockbuster artist Juan Jose Ryp (Wolverine), and colorist supreme, Andrew Dalhouse (Batman) comes TANKERS! The only comic brave enough to admit that the biggest injustice of the dinosaurs' extinction is that mankind didn't get to kill them all ourselves. Guaranteed to melt your face, eyes, and prefrontal cortex when Bad Idea unloads THREE DOUBLE-SIZED ISSUES of dinosaur-battling intensity shipping bi-monthly into select comic shops worldwide beginning in April 2021!

The CEO of global energy conglomerate Greenleaf Oil has just discovered a terrifying secret: the planet only has a decade or less of petroleum left before it's gone forever. But he has a plan to make sure his great-great grandchildren can continue to generate maximum shareholder value – and secure his own legacy in the process. Rather than develop a game-changing renewable energy source through the power of corporate innovation, Greenleaf has perfected the next best thing – time travel (duh) – so that a team of six field-rat contractors armed to the teeth in individually customized mech suits can go back to the Cretaceous Period, tweak the trajectory of the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, and give mankind another 500 millennia worth of oil reserves. What could go wrong? Only all of human history, of course – because when Greenleaf's team of Tankers come home, they'll discover that not only did the dinosaurs never die out, they’ve kept evolving for another 60 million years...and they’re more pissed off than ever.

Featuring an all-new cover by artistic T-Rex Lewis LaRosa (Punisher MAX), practically bursting out of its comic book-sized muscle tee with more than 40 pages of content (including a top-secret, standalone bonus B-Side story we can't even talk about yet) and currently allocation free!

It's called art, sweetie.

TANKERS #1 from Robert Venditti and and Juan Jose Ryp is ON SALE April 7th at your local BAD IDEA destination store.


Bad Idea To Reward The First TANKERS #1 Customer At Every Store -- Teases Upcoming Secret Pin Redemption

BAD IDEA: In just over a week, TANKERS #1 Рthe double-sized, bi-monthly, dinosaur-battling, hyphen-invoking, much-anticipated spectacular from Robert Venditti, Juan Jos̩ Ryp, and Andrew Dalhouse Рwill drop into select stores worldwide and finally give comics something other than ENIAC to talk about. But before TANKERS bursts out of its comic book-sized muscle tee and melts your face with awesome, we want to take a minute and sincerely thank all of you for the incredible response to ENIAC #1 and the launch of BAD IDEA. We've been absolutely blown away by the last few weeks...which is why we're going to make you camp outside of your comic shop before it opens again!

As part of the upcoming April 7th festivities, we will be sending each BAD IDEA Destination Store location another mysterious and bewildering gold metallic pin. These pins are strictly to be awarded only to the first customer to purchase a copy of TANKERS #1 at each BAD IDEA Destination store location. That's right, the first customer to walk in during official store hours and pick up a copy – that includes early bird Wednesday Warriors buying at the counter, someone picking up a pre-order, a random making a purchase, even the guy who really needs to use the restroom but then locks eyes with TANKERS – you just have to be the first.

These pins are badges of honor and should be worn proudly and with much pageantry! Each pin will arrive in a sweet (super not collectible so you better wear them!) pin backing that brandishes the BAD IDEA logo and is inscribed with the following:

“If you’re holding this you’re an official recipient of the first copy of ENIAC #1 at your local comic shop.”

We've been asked incessantly since the release of ENIAC #1 to reveal what secret gifts the pins will bestow but we dare not divulge its secrets prematurely. Let's just say you will ABSOLUTELY want to be the very first to get a copy of TANKERS #1 at your local comic shop the second it opens on April 7th. Remember, if you're not first...you're last. That's just math.

If you manage to secure an illustrious pin make sure to post about it on social and tag @badideahello so that our crack social media team can amplify it and spread the word.

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$5.99 EACH  |  40 PGS.  |  RATED T+  |  ON SALE APRIL 7, 2021

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