FUND THIS! 'The Veil Walker: Issue 1" - A Dark Fantasy Epic Chronicling the Downfall of a Sorcerer

 Filled with 24 pages of action-thriller and mystery, with a unique blend of horror, The Veil Walker #1 is the introduction to a world ruled from the shadows by an ancient institution of witches and warlocks called The Order Of The Veil Guard. Readers will follow the exploits of the Veil Guards most decorated Inquisitor, Alexander Salvador nicknamed The Veil Walker.

Brought to you by an insanely talented team at Oasi Comics. Check out our main cover by the interior artists Sajad Shah and colorist Leonardo Paciarotti.

The Set up:

After the disappearance of an urban explorer is caught on live stream, The head of the Inquisitors branch of the Veil Guard is tasked with investigating the crime scene for potential Veilkin involvement. He soon finds that the true challenge he will face comes from within. This journey will push Alexander to make new allies and foes, exert his abilities to their limits, and ultimately find the answer he has spent his life searching for. How to rid himself of the entity that possesses him, Essuru-Mudu.

Quick Lore:

The Order Of The Veil Guard was established long ago to maintain political and magical supremacy in the modern world. The Veil Guard's primary objective is to keep creatures from the Veil away from the Realm of Man. What The Veil is exactly remains shrouded in mystery, but What is known is the Veil has been weakened over the years. In the days to come Alexander will witness the Veil ripped asunder like never before. 

Risks and challenges

Hey Kickstarter, We've tried to mitigate any potential lateness with this book by beginning production weeks ago. We will ideally ship all books in June, but set our delivery deadline to July 2021. We've done this to ensure that we deliver your rewards on time or EARLY We've learned the hard way; with experience, that delays CAN happen and sometimes there's not a thing we as publishers can do about it. We strive to give our artists enough time to do their best work and accommodate their needs, especially around these trying times. We make sure that regardless of any delay, we give consistent updates throughout the process, often with examples of work-in-progress (WIP) pages. We love what we do, and we always finish what we start with quality and longevity in mind. At Oasi Comics we understand the care, the quality, and the craft that comics deserve. We love comics and overall great storytelling, so making them is a dream come true for us. Thanks to all of our backers for helping us tell these stories.

Interiors by Sajad Shah, Adelso Corona & Leonardo Pacoarotti



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