FUND THIS!: 'Robo' #2 - The Action Backed Second Installment of the Indie Cyberpunk Comic

Corporations have replaced governments, robots have replaced human labor and even the human mind is commoditized. In NeuChicago, corporate shareholders enjoy a lavish modern life while everyone else endlessly toils below.  To protect the order, Sunburst Technologies has offered up the cybernetically armored Robo.  But does he protect the people of the city or its corporations?

Robo is a story about the conflict of what’s expected of you by others and your own path in life. In a world of robotic drones, networked brain implants, technological terrorism, corporate espionage, and desperate people, Robo tries to balance his desire to be a hero for the people with his job for a company that only seeks order to do their business.

Issue 2 finds Robo making amends for the business deal Sunburst lost while he chased after leads on a monster in the city.  But upon returning home, a new danger threatens NeuChicago.  The same drone soldiers they've just showcased have gone rogue and are trying to destroy their creators!  Robo must battle for his life against wave after wave of the company's own product!

"I'm Jesse Keppler, writer and creator of Robo.  I've been a comics fan all my life, making comics as early as age 7 and originally creating the character of Robo when I was 11 years old.  As a teen, my mind was blown when I found out about underground zine comics and I knew I wanted to create my own someday.  It wasn't until the last few years that I decided to take a real stab at it.  Once I started the process of creating Robo #1 I was hooked!  And now I am making another dream come true, the continuation of the story.

Robo is a self-published cyberpunk comic book.  Each issue is 20 pages of highly detailed black and white artwork and original story.  Though it is set in the future, the concerns of social media,  commoditization of workers, asynchronous warfare, and corporate power are relevant in the world today.

I want to create an ongoing series and explore the character and the world on many levels.  The story that I want to tell is both speculative and cautionary.  One of my goals with the story of Robo is to show that the answers sometimes can't be met with force and that heroism comes from every level.  

My goal with this Kickstarter is to fund the next issue.  Simple as that.  As long as I can break even (or close to it), I intend to keep telling the story and making the comic.  Funding independently gives me incredible freedom to explore  the medium."



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