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 Welcome to "LOQUITA, Supernatural Latina Superhero" Kickstarter campaign.

Loquita is from Miami, Florida, and is a sophomore in high school. As she comes into womanhood, she gains her powers. Loquita starts to see demons and is scared beyond belief. It doesn't help that no one else can see them. A ghost, Sissel, asks Loquita to help save her, and although Loquita has no idea how she accepts. Loquita follows the clues leading her deeper into the supernatural, all while maintaining her grades and family life. 

The objective of this book is to have a Latina superhero origin story; one that overcomes fear, learns the value of family, and most importantly, a story that honors one's differences.

"I'm Kayden Phoenix the Writer/Creator of 'LOQUITA, Supernatural Latina Superhero' graphic novel. I'm a third-generation Chicana from East Los Angeles. I come from an entertainment industry background and when I was thinking about what I  wanted to see on the big screen,  I noticed the industry-dominated standard- complete with character generalizations. I believe in equality in front and behind the camera, so I created Latina superheroes; one of which is LOQUITA.

I’m very fortunate to have an amazing Latina artist team. We have Eisner-nominated and GLAAD nominated artist, Eva Cabrera, as our Illustrator. Adriana DLT is our colorist on Loquita. She's collaborated with publishers such as Penguin Random House and Dom├ęstika. Sandra Romero is our letterist. She’s on all of them- Jalisco, Santa, Loquita, Ruca, and Bandita.

I hope this book challenges some of the stereotypes that exist about Latinas and all marginalized Americans. Hopefully, LOQUITA serves as a source of inspiration for anyone, of any age, anywhere in the world to realize their dreams and ambitions.

The book is now ready to go to print. All the pages have been illustrated and edits completed. This campaign is to raise funds to print and distribute the first edition of this book. This is where your support can make a huge impact; by covering the printing and distribution costs, we can make the book available to people nationally. And honestly, just the presence of saying, "here's a Latina superhero" makes so much of a difference- particularly to little girls to see someone they look like, whom they can relate to.

As you see in the REWARDS SECTION, we've partnered with GIRLS VOICES NOW,  a youth organization that advocates for social change through filmmaking and community activism. Though LOQUITA is fictional, these girls are the strength of the future; and I'm very fortunate to be able to support their voice."

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