FUND THIS! Hunting Monsters for Sport and Spectacle in 'The Preserve'

 An old hunter and a young artist will have to team up to win the international monster-hunting sport known as The Preserve!

What if hunting became the biggest sport and television event in the world? In a world where most animals have been hunted to extinction, technology now allows people to create whatever monster they want for their bloody entertainment. Hunters from all over the world rise to the challenge to earn a spot in the world finals of The Preserve! For the former champion, Winston Abara, and his artist, Rachel Lin, their journey to victory will for more than glory and riches, but the chance to save their home. Yet the primal allure of the game is powerful, and despite going against Winston's belief in the natural order of life, will he succumb to the evil influence of...The Preserve."

The Preserve is a 5 Issue mini-series, starting with this first one being 28 pages. Set in the not so distant future, where the largest sporting event in the world has become The Preserve, a live game where hunters enter a prepared terrain to hunt a creature designed by the “Artist” of the other team, which then gets brought to life and released into the stadium. The game is controlled by the biggest corporation on the planet, Packard Industries, whose CEO runs the game. Our heroes (Winston and Rachel) enter the game to win the world finals and save their home from becoming the next Preserve! 

The story explores the gentrification of these major sporting events, as well as the sanctity of life while criticizing hunting as a sport and the disrespect society has for animals. Tone-wise, this is like Running Man meets the Hunger Games in a sports movie with the feel of Jurassic Park. Those who love those movies, as well as science-fiction, action, and deep characters fighting for what's right will enjoy this comic!

"This whole endeavor is so that we can fund the rest of the comic, we keep none for ourselves.  All our costs go into the project, to the artist, colorist, and letterer, as well the printer and the shipping costs, so we need your help to help us finish it and see it become a reality!"

L.A. Chavez is the writer of The Preserve! His first project was Frontier-0, a self-funded space opera comic with an animated pilot! Then recently, he funded the first issue of his fantasy comic, Santa Fae, right here on Kickstarter! Now he's looking to expand into new territory with a more grounded sci-fi story, which became this comic.  When not writing, he enjoys reading, cooking, and talking with his friends online. Check out his work at:

Taylor Keith is the amazing artist bringing this comic to life! Based in North Carolina, US, she is an illustrator and comic artist with a passion for sci-fi, fantasy, and all things horror. 

Crystal Pandita is the colorist and cover artist for The Preserve! Hailing from Jakarta, she began her artistic career 2 years ago, honing her craft and working on comics like String, which you can find on Tapas. She loves horror and has a fondness for sci-fi technology.

Lettersquids is a letterer and graphic designer who has worked on several amazing indie comics, including projects with Scout, Action Lab, Advent Comics, Insight Comics, and many others. His comic Antares Finest (with art by ErrorBound) won the titles of "Best Comic" and "Best Lettering" on r/comicbookcollabs' 2019 Untold Worlds Anthology. He's jumping in as the official letter for The Preserve and doing the entire comic with his unique skills!

Art & Lettering by Taylor Keith, Coloring by Crystal Pandita



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