FUND THIS!: 'The Hunt for the Solavore' - A Space Opera of Cosmic Horror


A 42-page sci-fi saga about a beast that devours suns... and the king who dares to defy it.

The result would have been terrifying, cosmic, and absolutely epic in scale. In other words, it would be a whole lot like... 

Like a vampire needs blood, so the ancient evil known as THE SOLAVORE needs the energy of a sun. Absent for centuries from the far-off galaxy of the Morrigen people, the Solavore had disappeared into the realm of myth. But now, with one of their solar systems facing a cosmic loss, the Morrigen are learning that the Solavore is not only real... but hungry.

For years, the Galactic Kingdom of the Morrigen had been protected by its latest ruler, the brave and brilliant KING THEOSIS. Committed to the freedom and safety of his people, King Theosis has lead the Morrigen through decades of darkness, striving toward a future of progress and peace. But after so many battles, Theosis's beard has gone white; the grip on his sword has grown weaker.  And after a devastating personal loss, Theosis must summon a strength he's never known to defeat the worst threat the Morrigen have ever seen.

Fortunately for Theosis, his husband ABBINOIR will be there to help. Wise and compassionate as any ruler his people have served, Abbinoir is Theosis's personal strength. While the king is looking out for the kingdom, Abbinoir looks out for its king. And though he's been doing it for all of Theosis's reign, every new threat weighs more on his mind, none more so than the Solavore. After all, how can you protect a man who must protect a kingdom?

Not that he won't have help. In facing this unheard-of crisis, Theosis will have at his command some of the best warriors in the entire galaxy: his own royal guard and the elite female warriors known as the VALKINAE. Together, they make up the best defense the Morrigen have.

But will they be enough?


Check out some of the (not finalized) pages of HUNT FOR THE SOLAVORE.




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