FUND THIS! 'The Dancer' #1 - A Psychological Martial Arts Thriller

A dancer/ASSASSIN is forced to deal with her childhood trauma of witnessing her parents' deaths.

They Call Her...The Dancer is a story that focuses on the beauty and brutality of dance and martial arts, delving into the morally gray psyche of a professional dancer and assassin.

At first glance, They Call Her…The Dancer is about analyzing the similarities and differences between dance and martial arts. Dance is something that is seen as beautiful, but many don’t think about the pain that is done to one’s body to truly be a dancer. Martial arts are thought of as violent because it’s a form of “fighting”, but there’s also a dance-like quality to this work of art.

But once you dig deeper, the reader will quickly realize that The Dancer is actually a story about mental health. Mia is forced to face her own childhood trauma of witnessing her parents’ murder when she becomes the enemy that she once dedicated her life to fight against. The Dancer is a morally gray story that shows that good and evil aren’t so black and white.

With They Call Her...The Dancer #1, you get...

  • A 22-page, stapled, standard-sized comic book printed by Comic Impressions, including a Black & White edition
  • and FOR THE FIRST TIME also in COLOR! 
  •  5 Covers to choose from, including a limited Kickstarter Exclusive FOIL cover!

Pages from The Dancer #1 that highlight both emotion and action!



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